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Award of Excellence

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Quantum Corporation


This project began as just a logo design and grew into an elaborate "Survival Kit." The creative director, Gary Canaparo, was an inspiration to work with which explains some of the brilliant solutions that resulted from collaborating with him.


The kit became a portfolio-type package with pockets and slits for:

  • Data sheets

  • 16-page  "Guide Book"

  • Laminated map that showed the competition's weaknesses and Quantum drives' strengths

  • Laminated pocket cheat-sheet

  •  3-panel brochure titled "Hazards of the Trail" that covered customer objections in a Q&A format, and

  • A very thick, awkwardly-shaped giveaway...a caribiner.


The trickiest aspect of designing this piece was finding a way to include/secure the caribiner.  "Start here" instructions were also needed, so we decided to combine those two challenges. We attached the caribiner to a perfed card (where the "welcome" copy lived) that was partially released in one corner which had a drill hole. The nylon cord of the caribiner was housed in a sleeve that attached to the piece through two parallel slits.



Specifier Award Winner














Minden Grill


This hand-made beauty was produced by my dear friend, the late Grant Milford, who was a master at all things "bindery." It was with his collaboration that I was able to concept and design this piece.


Since Minden Grill makes barbeque grills—no, it's not a restaurant :)— he wanted to incorporate into the packaging the idea of lifting the hood of a grill. He designed and built the mechanism and box that would house the heavy metallic color samples and "features and options" cards. The top of the box features the logo in silver foil which we printed on a FoilFast printer. My son and I spent a few hours assembling these on my kitchen table.


The inside top of the piece has a pocket for the 4-page options brochure and tri-fold comparison chart.


A blind embossed version of the logo is on the outside top and the entire piece is laminated with a leather-like Fibermark material called Silktouch Thermo by Skivertex®.


After sending a few of these to targeted companies, Minden Grill got the opportunity to meet with Smith & Hawken who, needless to say, was very impressed. They were awarded a multi-million dollar account with them and our response was, "Mission accomplished!."



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