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Designer. Baton twirler. Dancer. Radio DJ. Model.
Activist. Mother. Teacher.


I guess we are all products of our experiences and each one makes us a little more unique than the next person. Mine have helped me to work well under pressure, to listen carefully and to communicate clearly.
I grew up in the SF Bay area and have 3 children, Miles, Monica and Melody.

In the year 2000 we moved to the beautiful Carson Valley in Northern Nevada. I home-schooled for the last 14 years while keeping busy with my design business, in addition to doing some public speaking and teaching art. Now I've gone full-circle and returned to the bay area.
Although my main focus has been design, I thoroughly enjoy being around creative people of all disciplines. My love of music and performing arts has transferred to my children and their careers have expanded my world to include theater, film and TV. I even did some extra work in a movie and used my baton twirling skills in Hello Dolly!
These slideshows shamelessly feature my beautiful, talented children. You can visit their websites to learn more about them.

One of my favorite places...


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